Glad you asked.

"SAYLESS" is a collective of creatives striving to empower the Pacific Northwest art scene. Influenced by the unity & self-sufficiency of the hip-hop culture from the 90's, we intend on creating a stable platform that allows artists to be transparent while providing an in-depth view of their craft, work ethic and need for expression.

The name "SAYLESS" originated from our belief that the people producing genuine work can also let their product speak for itself - everything that sounds good isn't always as good as it seems.

Less talking, more tangibles.

After a year of organizing and planning, in May 2017 the brand was born and the rest to come shall be history.


What to expect from sayLess

Everything from monthly podcast episodes, documentaries and screen-writing, to community building, collaborations with other like-minded locals + more.

All of our social media pages are linked at the bottom of the page - stay updated so you don't miss a move.